In monochromatic arrangements, our designers attempt to achieve a special lushness
by artfully placing one or more types of flowers in
closely-related hues.
FIM002: Yellows and
($50 as shown)
FIM007: Red Gradiola
($85 as shown)
FIM004: All Green
($50 as shown)
FIM016: Purple-Blue
($60 as shown)
Monochromatic Arrangement
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Pictures in this page are just
examples.  If you specify one of
these arrangements, we will do
our best to make it as close as
possible, but some substitutions
may be necessary.
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FIM010: Orange
($70 as shown)
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FIM012: Pink
($50 as shown)
Monochromatic flower arrangement, yellow
FIM017: Yellows
($60 as shown)
Cream Yellow Tulips
Lavender and Purple
FIM020: Cream and yellow
French Tulips in a bubble bowl
($100 as shown)
FIM021: Lavender-purple roses
and tulips - 2008 Mother's day
Special ($60 as shown)
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