Year round

Pricing: (Price may go up when demand
exceeds supply, e.g., prior to Valentine Day)
  • 6 rainbow roses*: $60 (wrapped), 65 (in a
  • 12 rainbow roses*: $95 (wrapped), $100
    (in a vase)

* Comes with nice greens and accent flowers.

How to Order: Call
Rainbow roses are special orders from Holland.  
Please order by Thursday for the next Monday-
Wednesday deliveries; order by Saturday for
the next Thursday-Saturday deliveries
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Rainbow Roses
(631) 421-4410 Local
(800) 992-3345 Toll free
Rainbow Rose
Huntington, New York 11743
Rainbow roses in our
storage bucket
Rainbow roses in cube vase
6 rainbow roses
in a cube vase
($70 as shown)
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Local Delivery Only  (exceptions*).
one dozen rainbow roses
One dozen rainbow roses
($95 as shown)
Be careful about cheap rainbow-rose knockoff!
(Click above for more info)
Rainbow rose
This is how rainbow
rose looks like.
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Show Cart
Are you looking for a flower that would "WOW"
the recipient?  Look no further, Rainbow
Roses would do it!  Developed by Peter van de
Werken, owner of River Flowers, Rainbow
Roses (called "
Happy Roses" by the
developer) are actually dyed white roses.
* If you can't find anyone in your area who carries
rainbow roses, we can ship them to you via
overnight shipping ($25 Shipping & handling).  But
please remember that
someone must be
home/office to receive them
.  When no one
answers the door, the delivery person will leave the
box at door and, depending on the weather,
irreversible damage may result.
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