A basket of seasonal, blooming plants is a wonderful gift for any occasion.
Also appropriate as sympathy tribute.
Blooming plant basket wih hydrangea
Blooming plant basket with pink hydrangea
Deluxe Mixed Blooming Plants ($100
as shown)
Mixed Blooming Plants
Baskets ($80 as shown)
Annual plant basket
Mixed Blooming Plants
Baskets ($80 as shown)
Small Blooming Plant
Basket ($40 as shown)
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Blooming Plant Baskets
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Except for certain houseplants (African Violet, Kalanchoe, Spathiphilum, etc), most flowering plants are seasonal.  The pictures shown
here were taken at various seasons.
Christmas basket with Poinsettia and Cyclamen
Christmas basket with
Poinsettia and Cyclamen ($90
as shown)
Small blooming plant basket
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Blooming plant baskets in Gallery
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African Violet
African Violet
Sale !!
Only $29.99
(regular price
= $34.99)
Order African Violet Basket
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Basket Online!!
Pansy Basket
Pansy basket ($35 as shown)
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