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  • Gift-decorated, Florist-Grade Poinsettia
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Code: XC6
Florist-Grade Poinsettia
, decorated for

We sell only "
Florist Grade" Poinsettia.  Do not
confuse this with "Trade Grade" Poinsettia, the
ones sold by supermarkets, which is a lot
smaller and has less vivid colors.  Our plants
come in a wicker basket and with Christmas

  • 8" pot: $34.99
  • 10" pot: $54.99
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  • Blooming-plant Baskets
Blooming plant basket
Code: XC7
Blooming-plant basket for Happy Holidays
, a
basket of assorted holiday plants.  Includes
Poinsettia, Cyclamen, and other plants.

Prices: $60 minimum
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$80 as shown